Genymotion device goes offline after Mac screen locks

Have you ever had your Genymotion device go offline after locking your Mac screen?

After debugging in Android Studio, locking my Macbook Pro screen, and then logging back in, frequently my Genymotion device will show as [OFFLINE] to the Android Studio debugger.  It’s really an inconvenience, as restarting the device and app often take a while.

If so, rather than restart the device  completely, try this from a terminal window:

Give adb a moment to restart, then issue this command:

Once adb has restarted, you’ll see your device listed, like below:



Note: if you get ‘command not found’ after typing ‘adb’, then it must not be on your PATH.  Add ‘ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools’ to your PATH environment variable.  The location of ‘adb’ on my machine (after typing ‘which adb’) is ‘/Users/dustinkendall/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/adb’

Hope this helps!

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